What are the design elements that make up a dry chemical handling system?

A well designed dry chemical handling system will look quite simple once complete.However, its simplicity is misleading as there are hundreds of possible variations that lead to the correct design for your specific product, process and location.As engineers we have a habit of categorizing things, and a chemical system is no different. There are seven elements that need to be considered to design a perfect “simple” solution those are:

  1. Material Receiving – How do we get the material from the truck to storage?
  2. Bulk Dry Storage – Once material is on site how is it stored for later use?
  3. Flow Promotion – How do we get the material from storage to process?
  4. Feeding & Conveying – How do we control how much material is sent to process?
  5. Wet Makedown or Slaking – How is the chemical combined with water prior to being sent to process?
  6. Slurry/Solution Storage
  7. Piping & Pumping – Once made down or slaked, how is it sent to process?