What is the best geometry for my mixtank/slurry storage tank?

We will generally start with a tank geometry as close to a 1:1 diameter to height ratio as possible when designing a slurry tank. This is done primarily to minimize the mixing power (and therefore cost) required to maintain a homogeneous suspension. However with proper mixer selection, shorter/squatter tanks or taller/skinnier tanks can also work just as well when required due to space availability.

In round tanks with center mount mixers it is also important to incorporate baffles on the sidewalls to break the vortex that would otherwise form and maintain turbulent mixing.

For the most part we will use a flat bottom tank with the suction connection a reasonable distance above the bottom. While this reduces to “usable” volume in the tank it allows for some of the inevitable build up to collect at the bottom of the tank rather than being drawn into the pump suction.