What is the recommended material for a Lime Slurry System?

Carbon steel is the most commonly used material for both the dry and wet sides of a lime slurry service. Systems have operated successfully with downstream materials including stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), PVC / CPVC, and sometimes exotic alloys (duplex stainless steels, etc.). Selection of materials of construction, and certain coatings, is driven by the water chemistry and not by the inherent nature of the lime slurry.

With ‘typical’ process water the high PH created in the lime slurry dramatically reduces corrosion and mild carbon steels are a good selection for this service (this is assuming there are no significant corrosive elements present in the process water – such as high chlorides).

One other point worth noting is that aluminum is not recommended in lime slurry service as there are known material incompatibilities, and significant corrosion can be expected with the use of aluminum in lime slurry service.