The silo Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV) opened during fill, why and what should I do?

The PVRV is a key safety component for the silo. Whenever a PVRV activates (either under pressure or vacuum) - you must investigate!

A functioning PVRV can prevent a catastrophic structural silo failure. If it activates, the silo has either been over pressurized, or was under excessive vacuum.

Find out why:

  • Over-pressurized? A common cause is plugged or blinded-off filter elements in the Bin Vent Filter (dust filter) on top of the silo. Inspect, clean and/or replace filter elements as necessary.
  • Excessive Vacuum? Either your Bin Vent Filter cartridges are plugged and not allowing air flow into the silo, or you’ve experienced bridging in the silo and sudden movement of product (which is also dangerous).
  • Perhaps your silo was over-filled? One possible cause is that the silo has actually been over filled. The cause might be a faulty silo level indicator or might be non-functioning high level alarms.

Under no circumstances should you ever bypass or prevent the normal operation of a PVRV!