When should I change the packing in the Slaker seals?

A properly adjusted and lubricated seal assembly should only require weekly adjustments and perhaps monthly packing additions.

The most common type of slaker seal in horizontal agitator shaft detention slakers is a square cross-section ‘donut’ packing. Depending on the model and size of the slaker, there might be 3, 4 or 5 packing rings in a seal assembly. The first step is always to adjust the packing by tightening the Seal Packing Retainer (also known as a follower gland). Tighten just as much as it takes to stop a leak. If the Seal Packing Retainer is bottomed out, packing donuts must be added or replaced.

Always verify that adequate packing seal flush water is flowing. Clean seal flush water is critical. Replacing the flush water with air or grease will not work.

If it seems that packing has to be replaced too often, look for worn out agitator shafts or worn out stub shafts as a possible cause. Inspect and replace these as necessary.