Why is the wet scrubber/ducting plugged?

The wet scrubber is comprised of two important operational elements. Water flow and air flow, in balance. If either of these is not set up correctly, a plug may develop.

The water flow to the spray nozzles is counter-current to the air flow and needs to be adjusted to wash down any lime or powder laden vapours.

  • Too much water flow and unacceptable process dilution might result.
  • Too little water flow will result in the venturi blower pulling in airborne powder that has not been washed down by the nozzles. The powder will then accumulate over time and eventually cause plugging.

Airflow needs to be adjusted using the blower discharge damper or the balancing tee on the scrubber. The airflow should be set to pull airborne dust and vapour into the wet scrubber.

  • Too little airflow and dust and vapour will not be exhausted from the mixing vessel.
  • Too much airflow will result in the water spray, along with airborne powder, to be pulled into the ducting. This will cause plugging in very short period of time.