Do I need to heat my slaking water?

The more reactive your lime slurry is, the less of it you will use in your process. The final slaking temperature has a direct impact on the hydrated lime particle size, which is linked directly to the reactivity of the lime slurry.

Final slaking temperature will follow this formula:

Incoming water temperature + heat of reaction = final slaking temperature

If the heat of reaction is not sufficient to reach the optimal slaking temperature (higher is generally better), you should consider adding a water heater to pre-heat the slaking water.

How can I heat the water?

The two most common options for heating slaking water are:

  1. Inline electric water heater with Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) or thermostat controls
  2. Direct injection Steam heater

Alternatively, any source of waste heat available in your process could be used.